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A safe learning environment for your toddler

Helping you with the workload

Looking after an energetic toddler can be very stressful, going alongside life's other worries and difficulties.


Let us help. We'll give your child a safe and fun environment to be themselves and to practise their new social and physical skills.


Two year old government funding is available if eligible.

Developing your child

As a toddler, your child is at a time of social and emotional learning that helps shape them.


From motor skills to language development, we'll help your child find their feet and make sure they are free to discover what they are capable of.

Teaching your children

By sending your toddler to Riverside Nursery you can feel assured your child is in a quality learning environment.


With the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, we can provide a structured, fun process for teaching your children.

For more info on our toddler room, give us a call on 020 8806 7143

Toddler Room

Our Parents

Want more info?

Visit our nursery in Clapton, or give us a call and we can answer any of your questions.


Our guiding principle, we develop an individual curriculum plan for your child's development.

We make sure your toddler is comfortable, safe and having fun in our toddler room.

Read what parents have to say about our toddler and other rooms here at our nursery.

At Riverside Nursery we put parents' minds at ease with the educational, caring facilities we have for their children in our toddler room. Based in Clapton, we provide trustworthy, quality toddler care to ensure a safe learning environment for all the children we look after.